Quality Maine Coon kittens for sale  Family Maine is committed to producing healthy, well adjusted, friendly, gorgeous, Maine Coon cats which make loving and loyal companions. We want all of our babies to go to loving homes as “PETS” only. Our foundation cats are ALL from International Champion Show titled fathers and mothers from Russia and the Ukraine and have been re-registered here in the USA with CFA and/or TICA.

When researching this breed years ago, prior to getting into the breed, we made it our goal to locate where the healthiest Maine Coons were in the world and found that many were coming from these two countries. The reason for this is, all cats in Europe and the surrounding countries belong to the World Cat Federation registry. And, we were told, that WCF requires all breeding cats to be finished show champions and be tested for dozens of genetic defects

BEFORE they can be used as breeders, producing registrable offspring therefore, our foundation breeders are from parents with perfect conformation and perfect health, being free of all genetic defects affecting this breed. There are many genetic problems that the Maine Coon can suffer from.

One major genetic problem is HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). This is caused by an inherited gene from the parents or other related cat. All of our foundation cats have had a genetic marker test done on them through UC Davis here in the USA and are all clear of this inherited gene.

Another problem with Maine Coons is Hip Dysplasia. Since this is another inherited gene acquired from the parents, we have had all of our breeding foundation cats screened and have found that they are all clear of the gene for Hip Dysplasia. We also test ANNUALLY for FeLV (Leukemia) and FIV (a disease in cats similar to AIDS in humans) and even though we are a CLOSED CATTERY, you never know what wild or tamed critter may wonder in for a visit during the night. – NOTE – The State of California is a Puppy Lemon Law state in that there are laws that govern the buying and selling of puppies and kittens. By law we are required to give a 14 day guarantee for CONTAGIOUS DISEASES and one year for GENETIC LIFE THREATENING DEFECTS. That is exactly how our WRITTEN HEALTH GUARANTEE reads for all of our buyers. Our motto is – “Only Quality Kittens come from Quality Parents”.





Our passion over the last 4 years is to raise our kittens in a total home environment and as result, my adults and Kittens consistently demonstrate a delightful, intelligent, and happy disposition.

Our concern lies in the overall health of our adults and Kittens and health is guaranteed. We are constantly reviewing/updating the latest in animal health care and nutrition and implementing these updates to obtain the best possible results.

Our lives revolve around grandchildren, church, pets of all kinds, gardening, community service, and raising champion bloodline. We live on a farm that is literally ‘at the end of the road.’Several of our grandchildren live locally and they are here on the farm all the time playing with animals (especially the Kittens) and helping around the house. f1 savannah cat for sale  

We are so thankful to be a daily part of their lives. We will mention that again down below. We love rottweilers and matching Kittens with their forever homes. The world would be a better place if every person in America had Kittens in their childhood memories. They are the very best companions for people of all ages.